Chimarra is a historically distinct region and municipality located along the southern Albania coast between the Akrokeraunian mountains and the Ionian Sea. A land of breathtaking beauty and unique heritage, populated by a predominantly Greek ethnic community whose existence traces back to antiquity, Chimarriotans have struggled to preserve their freedom and culture throughout the centuries.


The CHIMARRIOTON SOCIETY OF AMERICA, “SPYROS SPYROMILIOS” is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of Chimarriotic culture, heritage and history, and to making a positive difference in the lives of our members. The Society strives to promote the rights and interests of Chimarriotans, both in the United States and in our native homeland of Chimarra, Albania, through the realization of patriotic, charitable, philanthropic, educational, and cultural endeavors.


To promote the general well being of our members and empower them to become  effective and responsible citizens with faith and dedication to the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America.

To cultivate and preserve our unique cultural heritage as Chimarriotans and descendants of Chimarriotans, and to keep alive the traditions, customs, and moral principles inherited by our forefathers.

To advance by any legal, peaceful and democratic means the preservation of the unique status of Chimarra as a bastion of Hellenism and Orthodoxy which has survived throughout the centuries.

To assist our fellow Chimarriotans in Chimarra, be they of Greek or Albanian ethnic descent, in their struggle to realize the full rights and freedoms to which they are justly due.

To promote acts of charity and philanthropy, with a main objective to assist the charitable foundations, the churches, and schools of Chimarra and those of the United States which benefit our members.