Board members meet the Consul General of Greece, Dr K. Koutras

Board members and the President of Federation Hellenic Society Petros Galatoulas meet the Consul General of Greece, Dr Konstantinos Koutras in the Greek Consulate General in New York, July 18th, 2016. Dr Koutras was very welcoming during the meeting and congratulated us in creating our society and becoming a voice in bringing to light the issues concerning Chimarriotes in our homeland, Chimarra. The Board members brought to his attention the most immediate and crucial issues facing our community in Chimarra, such as the right of property and secondly, the establishment of a Greek High School. In regards to the right of property, Chimarriotes are faced with a number of perplexing laws by the Albanian government that bars them of their right to inherit their ancestor’s property.

Dr Koutras showed awareness on many of the issues and advised that the only way to triumph in this struggle is to be united and active participants in resisting the unjust practices applied to our community. The Consul General promised upon his means to be supportive of Chimarriotes, whether that is here in New York or in Chimarra for the issues affecting our community there.